Skills for Life

Skills for Life


The Skills for Life initiative will put an emphasis on providing adults with opportunities to acquire new skills. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding of skill opportunities among adults, whether they are seeking to pursue a different career, wish to discover a more satisfying employment, or are just getting started.

Motivate and inspire: Highlight why individuals may want to advance or change jobs and explain how learning as an adult benefits them in obtaining a better employment.

Reframe and educate: Explain how important it is to enhance skills and show that anybody, at any age, can retrain or go into a new career or sector by studying courses that will immediately impact job prospects, productivity, and ability to progress in the workplace. Raise awareness of opportunities and services by describing a clear route to action for information about offers and the advantages of each.

Support and reassure: Reassure people that assistance and coaching are available, and that learning as an adult can fit into their lives. Highlight the adaptability and achievability of courses, showing that the time invested in learning will be rewarded.

The effort is directed at all working-age individuals who may benefit from the various skills provided by the campaign.

The following channels will be used in the campaign:

  • Media planning and buying
  • Social and online advertising
  • PR and media
  • Partnerships
  • Organic social and comms
  • Campaign website

What’s in it for me?

Receive the knowledge, assistance, and training you need to acquire the skills you need for the career you desire.

The ability to compare and contrast your alternatives, allowing you to figure out what each one entails and whether it might be a good fit for your unique circumstances.

Get started

Visit the Skills For Life webpage here to view what courses are on offer and get started.

Looking for TraineeshipApprenticeship Support?


16 yr old and over can gain the skills and qualifications needed by businesses with a combination of flexible on-the-job and off-the-job learning.

Graduate Placements /

Coming soon Graduate programmes last up to 10 weeks. You only pay 40% of the total employment cost which gives you a unique chance to get some serious talent on a project.

In-work Training/

Coming soon Training that will help you refresh and build on your existing skills in order to help you in your job.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships/

Coming soon The Knowledge Transfer Partnership project is shared by the business and by Innovate UK who contribute 50-67% of support to help businesses grow.

Traineeships for employers

The intention of traineeships

Reduce the number of young people who are unemployed, not in education or in training.
Encourage 16-18 year olds to participate in training and education.
Secure young people’s progression to a positive outcome as quickly as possible

Have questions?

Whether you have a question about traineeships, apprenticeships, training, eCommerce, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.

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