Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce

What is the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce and how can it help your business?

The Chamber of Commerce is an organisation that supports and promotes local businesses in Bedfordshire. With a history dating back over 130 years, the organisation has a wealth of experience and expertise in helping businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed. Here’s a closer look at what The Chamber offers and how it can benefit your business:

The Chamber offers a range of services and resources to support local businesses in Bedfordshire. These include networking events, training and development programmes, business advice and support, lobbying and advocacy, and much more. By becoming a member of The Chamber of Commerce, you can tap into these resources to help your business grow, develop, and succeed.

One of the many benefits of joining The Chamber is access to networking events and opportunities. These events provide a platform for local businesses to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. They also offer a chance to build relationships with other businesses in the area and expand your customer base. In addition to networking events, The Chamber also offers training and development programmes to help you improve your business skills and knowledge.

Another benefit of joining The Chamber is access to business advice and support. The organisation has a team of experienced business advisors who can offer guidance and support on a range of issues, including finance, marketing, and legal matters. This can be particularly valuable for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to hire their own in-house experts.

Finally, The Chamber of Commerce is also involved in lobbying and advocacy on behalf of local businesses in Bedfordshire. The organisation works to ensure that the needs and concerns of local businesses are heard by policymakers and decision-makers. This can help to create a more favourable business environment and ensure that local businesses have the support they need to thrive.

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    What's the Scheme?

    Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation that offers networking opportunities, training and support services, and representation on local issues to its members. It aims to help businesses grow and develop through these services and by providing a platform for businesses to connect and collaborate with each other.

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    What's in it for me as Business Owner?

    As a business owner, joining Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce can provide your business with access to valuable networking opportunities, training and development programmes, business advice and support, and advocacy and lobbying on behalf of local businesses.

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    How do I apply?

    Step 1: Register you business with us and we'll ensure you are kept in the loop with all the latest Government incentives as they are announced.

    Step 2: Once you have registered your business with us you can book your free needs assessment with an Advisor by selecting one of the three durations below, then choose your preferred day and time and we'll do the rest.

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    What's my commitment?

    As a member of the Chamber, your commitment is to support the organisations mission of promoting and supporting local businesses in Bedfordshire. such as attending events, contributing to committees and volunteering time or resources. However, the exact level of commitment is up to you and can vary depending on your business's needs and availability. There is also a charge for membership which varies depending on the choice of package.

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