Traineeships – Benefits to Employers

What Benefits can hosting a trainee bring to my Business?

An extended opportunity to see if they are a good fit

With a traineeship you can enjoy the advantage of a prolonged chance to discover what a young adult can achieve and more importantly if they are the correct fit for a vacancy or apprenticeship to plug a skills gap.

There’s no cost for your business

So with a traineeship you have an opportunity to assess the trainee’s skill level and perspective. Having said that you are under no obligation to provide a permanent role, and even better there is no cost for having a trainee because they are funded by the U.K Government.

Attract employees who are eager and committed to succeeding

As trainees tend to be out of work, most are very eager to work and are committed to thriving and advancing.

Significant growth in the number of employers offering traineeships

We have seen a significant acceleration in the national uptake of traineeships and this is because the number of employers who have realised the benefits a traineeship brings to their business has soared.

Build a supply of future candidates

Offering traineeships gives you the opportunity to create a supply of exceptional future candidates for your business, while assisting young adults with taking their first steps into employment.

Bring in fresh ideas

Young adults have a lot to offer businesses and to get the best chance of a positive outcome businesses need to understand that it is very much a two way street in terms of learning. Bringing in a trainee can be reciprocally beneficial learning experience. Additionally young adults have the potential to bring in fresh insights and ideas to the business.

Professional development for your existing staff

With a trainee your current employees will have the chance to build their own mentoring and training skills, while they support the trainee. The development of these coaching and management skills can be very beneficial to the whole business by providing staff with more responsibility and confidence.



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